Believe it or Not, It’s Christmas

Atheists celebrating Christmas. Does anyone else find this the least bit contradictory on some level? I mean, if atheists really want to maintain consistency with what they say they believe (another oxymoron: the whole point of being an atheist is that you don’t believe), then it stands to reason they would not have anything to do with the one holiday that is centered around the birth of the Son of a God who doesn’t exist. They can secularize it all they want by substituting generic holiday greetings, calling it X-Mas or Winter Holiday, but they cannot escape the fact that this one holiday, probably more than any other on our calendar, is saturated with religious symbolism. Oh, I am quite familiar with the development of the secular aspects of Christmas, but none of them do anything to diminish the reason for Christmas.

And why do some atheists feel the need to attack Christians’ expressions of celebration during the Christmas season, specifically nativity scenes, with such gusto? Really, if God does not exist, what are they so upset about? Why would they fear a message they don’t believe is even true? For people who tout their devotion to the right of free speech, they sure seem just as devoted to prevent Christians from expressing theirs. Rather than berate believers for displaying their faith, why not offer to sit down together and discuss their point of view with civility, or at least just leave Christians alone to follow their misguided ways? If Christians wind up being wrong in the end, what difference does it make if they wanted a nativity scene on city property?

That brings up the “other hand.” On it, what if the atheists are wrong, and there was something to the Reason for the Season? What if there really is a God after all? All the atheists’ opposition, especially as vigorous as it has been over the years, makes me wonder: do they secretly suspect they may be wrong, and if they can win some victories in the court of public opinion it will make everything okay? I saw a post recently that fits well here: “If one does not believe, no explanation will do, but if one believes, no explanation is necessary.” Atheists celebrating Christmas. Why not? Jesus came for them, too. Merry Christmas!


About Carey Crawford

Carey Crawford is the author of this blog-o-mania. He is a freelance writer, a missional strategist, and has served as an adjunct professor at Dallas Christian College. Carey has nearly thirty years experience in local church vocational ministry, sixteen of those as a pastor. Carey earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. Carey and his wife, Patti, live in Baldwyn, Mississippi.
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